It's time to move students from prompt dependence to prompt independence.

In this breakthrough course, ADHD expert Michael McLeod presents the structured approach that teaches kids to prompt themselves to greater success in life and school. Discover the Internal Language Model for Managing Executive Functioning Deficits.

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Course Description

The GrowNOW therapeutic model empowers students to develop a personalized, adaptable self-talk model to boost executive functioning skills by giving them the tools to construct it. In this course executive functioning and ADHD expert, Michael Mcleod describes the assessment and treatment of executive functioning deficits using the GrowNOW-Internal Language Model Framework. Michael presents practical strategies that can be implemented in the therapy room and classroom.

What attendees are saying

Excellent Course

Victoria Safarian

A very insightful course with strategies that can be implemented right away with my students.

Well Explained

Risha Cohen

It was extremely helpful learning about the importance of internal language. I know how it benefits myself and have always wanted to teach these skills to others. Michael did a great job breaking down and explaining the process, as well as providing tools to train students/children. I look forward to implementing the "predict and review" exercise.


Jenny Chacko

I loved the practical therapy strategies to develop internal language/self talk.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course you will be able to

  • Define the role that internal language plays in the performance of executive functions.

  • Complete an in-depth intervention plan for the remediation of Executive Functioning deficits utilizing the GrowNow Model

  • Integrate three environmental modifications into the therapy room and classroom.

Time Ordered- Agenda

  • (35 min.) Introduction to the GrowNow Model of Executive Functioning

  • (45 min.) Exploring nonverbal working memory, and the visual imagery system in-depth, metacognition and building resilience.

  • (10 min.) Question and Answer Session

  • (45 min) In depth intervention plans for therapists and educators

  • (35 min.) Environmental modifications and classroom based strategies

  • Session 2: (10 min.) Question and Answer Session

Instructional Methodology

Live lecture, video, interactive discussions, moderated question and answer session.

Presenter Biography:

Michael Mcleod, M.A., CCC-SLP, TSSLD

He received his Master's in Speech and Language Sciences from Lehman College in New York. As a Speech-Language Pathologist, Michael has experience working with all ages from birth to adulthood. He currently specializes in executive functioning and social skills


Financial: Michael receives and honorarium for the presentation of this course. He is the owner of GrowNow Therapy Services.

Course Completion Requirements:

3 clock hours, 3 CTLEs (NYSED), .3 ASHA CEUs

To earn a certificate of completion for this course you must attend the live webinar in it's entirety.


Non-Financial: There are no relevant non-financial disclosures at this time

Who should take this course?

This course is applicable to educators and therapists working with school age students.


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