Join Amy Graham as she shares how to help your clients meet their intelligibility milestones even faster!

Learn to implement the cycles, complexity, and contrastive approaches. Improve intelligibility in your clientele.

Live Webinar + Access Replay through 3/30/23

Monday 2/6/23 and Monday 2/13/23 from 8-9:30pm EST

Course Description

This course is for new and experienced SLPs.

Children with functional phonological deficits require interventions that improve intelligibility more efficiently than traditional developmental approaches. This course will provide rationales and overviews of several evidence-based phonological interventions, including the cycles and complexity approaches. Considerations for choosing and implementing these approaches, as well as strategies for target selection will be provided, along with videos of actual therapy sessions demonstrating implementation.

After completing this course you will be able to

  • Describe how the underlying principles of cycles differ from the complexity approach and the reasons you might choose one over the other.

  • Compare how targets selection principles for the cycles approach differ from the complexity approach

  • Explain how the sonority principle influences the prioritization of particular clusters for remediation

Time Ordered Agenda:

Session 1: Live on Monday Feb 6, 2022

  • 5 minutes: Introduction/disclosures

  • 15 minutes: Definition of terms & assessment considerations

  • 25 minutes: Overview and rationale for the cycles approach

  • 25 minutes: Principles for target selection and therapy session plannin

  • 15 minutes: Practical implications for therapy sessions

  • 5 minutes: Conclusion/Wrap Up

Session 2: Live on Monday February 13, 2022

  • 5 minutes: Introduction/disclosures

  • 15 minutes: Definition of terms & assessment considerations

  • 25 minutes: Overview and rationale for the complexity approach

  • 25 minutes: Principles for target selection, including implicational universals and sonority sequencing

  • 15 minutes: Practical implications for therapy sessions

  • 5 minutes: Conclusion/Wrap Up

Instructional Methodology

Video lecture, client videos, worksheet, moderated question and answer session.

Presenter Biography:

Amy Graham, M.A, CCC-SLP

Amy Graham is a speech language pathologist and owner of Graham Speech Therapy, a private practice in Colorado Springs that specializes in pediatric speech sound disorders. She received both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Communicative Disorders from California State University, Fullerton and has been an SLP for over 20 years. Amy frequently speaks to and trains SLPs on various evidence-based practices regarding the assessment and treatment of SSD and is the creator of numerous SSD-specific assessment and therapy resources. She has been a guest on numerous SLP podcasts and has a particular interest in supporting and equipping SLPs by posting frequent therapy videos and practical therapy tips on social media platforms.


The speaker has developed materials available for purchase on her private practice website,, Bjorem Speech Publications, Teachers Pay Teachers, Boom Learning, and Holland Healthcare. Although this course does not focus specifically on any of these products, they may be mentioned during the course of this presentation. Amy also receives TheraSmart revenue share and has received an honorarium for today’s presentation.


Non-Financial: There are no other non-financial disclosures at this time.


Content: Videos in this course may show Amy Graham using materials that she has created and are available for sale elsewhere online.

Course Completion Requirements:

Satisfactory completion of course requires full attendance and completion of course feedback.

Up to .3 ASHA CEUs

Earn 0.3 ASHA CEUs

For 3 Credits/ Clock hours

A certificate of completion will be awarded to you after you view the video course in it's entirety. Download and print your certificate. For NYSED, CTLE contact hours download the NYSED form at the end of the course. With any questions please email us at [email protected]

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