+New Course: Creating Comics/Storyboards

Learn to implement digital storyboards in the classroom and therapeutic setting. Digital storyboards can be used to improve language skills, social emotional learning, and

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Learning Outcomes:

  • 1

    Anyone Can Storyboard (It's easy)!

    • Introduction

    • (Optional) Join the ASHA Pilot Course

    • Overview of Goals and Objectives

    • Creating Scenes

    • Adding Characters (With Expressions, Emotions, and Actions)

    • Uploading Custom Characters

    • Text and Thought Bubbles

    • Cropping Images

    • Storyboards for Language Intervention, SEL, and ESL

    • Applying it to Clinical Practice

    • Explore Storyboards for Special Education

    • Assignments

    • Copy of ASHA Bubble Sheet & Course Feedback Info (Required for Credit)