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About the course:

This course provides a framework for applying core strategies from Orton Gillingham to reading and decoding instruction for struggling readers.

After completing this course:

Participants will be able to

  • Define and differentiate between Phonemes, Graphemes, Syllables, Syllable Types

  • Teach a student to effectively decode a multisyllabic word

  • Explain how morphology supports decoding, encoding, vocabulary, and comprehension

Time-Ordered Agenda

  • (90 minutes) Video 1: Understanding the science of reading and phonemes, graphemes, syllables, syllable Types,

  • (90 minutes) Video 2: Decoding multisyllabic words with accuracy and understanding morphology

Target Audience:

Teachers, special educators, tutors, and parents.

Course Level:

Intermediate Level: Assumes some participant familiarity with teaching and reading instruction.

Instructional Methodology:

Video and slides.

Presenter Biography:

About Jennie Creason

Former 2nd and 3rd grade teacher in both public & private schools ● Former Literacy Facilitator for a local non-profit ● Orton-Gillingham instructor/dyslexia specialist ● Masters of Education in Literacy ● Owner of Open Mind Literacy, Inc. & Carolina Orton-Gillingham ● Certified Dyslexia Practitioner ● Former Board Member for the NC International Dyslexia Association ● Co-Author of Ready Reader Decodables ● Determined to spread Structured Literacy like wildfire

Course Completion Requirements:

3 Clock Hours, 3 CTLEs (NYSED)

Satisfactory completion of the course and the earning of credit is based on attending the entire video.

Refund Policy:

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Complaint Policy:

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Special Needs:

Please indicate any special needs you may have at least 14 days prior to the event by calling or email us. We will try our best to accommodate your needs. This course is applicable to SLPs, SLP assistants, special educators, and teachers.

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