Join Dr. Megan Anna Neff as she shares strategic interventions for children and adults struggling with Alexithymia

Explore what a diagnosis of Alexithymia means as well as how it relates to interoception, autism, and ADHD.

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Course Description:

This course is for mental health providers, educators, specialists, parents, and anyone else.

For the estimated 10 percent of the population who struggle with Alexithymia, emotions are a foreign language and getting through an ordinary day is a challenge. This unique webinar, titled Understanding Alexithymia and the Autism-ADHD Connection is a great resource for parents, teachers, psychotherapists, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, and psychologists who want to deepen their understanding of this topic through the lens of neurodiversity.

This 3 hour comprehensive course covers everything you’ll need to know:

  • The definition, causes and traits of Alexithymia

  • The Alexithymia-Interoception connection

  • The overlap of Autism and Alexithymia

  • Measuring Alexithymia

  • The physical and psychological impact on people throughout the various stages of life

  • How Alexithymia affects a child’s education and therapy

  • Exercises and interventions for children with Alexithymia

Our Prestigious Presenter:

Dr. Megan Anna Neff- Autistic-ADHD Psychologist

I am many things—part researcher, part writer, part clinician, part advocate, and part presenter. I enjoy having a variety of activities to keep my mind and soul engaged. My specialties include the integration of spirituality and psychotherapy and neurodivergence. I live in the Northwest (Oregon) with my husband and two children.

Financial Disclosures:

Financial: Dr. Neff receives an honorarium and royalties for the presentation of this course.

Non-Financial Disclosures:

Non-Financial: Dr. Neff is a Neurodivergent Therapist who also engages in advocacy work.

Course Completion Requirements:

Full attendance and submit a course feedback form.

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